VERPOSE prototype

VERPOSE (verify position) prototype is a system for the identification of work points in an assembly process to enable inline quality assurance and documentation.  It was developed as part of the ARVIDA project.

The VERPOSE camera is attached to the worker´s tool and observes the working point. The software identifies the current tool location within real-time. VERPOSE works robustly even in complex industrial assembly environments.

The VERPOSE camera and the VERPOSE classification software have both been developed at ART by our specialists. Individual adaptations  for your specific tasks can therefore be realised in-house.

VERPOSE customers may also benefit from ART's training services: in-house, on-site or train-the-trainer.


  • up to 99,95% recognition rate (evaluated in tests with automotive OEMs)
  • solid detection method
    • robust under any orientation of the tool
    • unaffected by ambient lighting
    • can be used with painted surface
    • stable in the presence of artifacts
  • flexible and adaptable to different industrial tool-tracking applications 

Components of VERPOSE

VERPOSE Controller
VERPOSE Software
  • integrated IR illumination
  • robust aluminium housing (shock resistant)
  • adapter for a variety of EC screw drivers
  • ethernet cable connection
  • industrial specification PC
  • robust design
  • communication hub to customer infrastructure
  • power supply to camera (PoE)
  • characteristics
    • in real time: > 15 Hz
    • recognition rate up to 99,95%
    • some 20 operating points
  • identification based on proprietary algorithms
  • license models
    • position learning
    • operation
  • adapt software to user requirements
  • short development cycles
  • quick response times